ceramic tile in raleighCeramic is a material that has maintained popularity within a wide range of fields and disciplines. Among the art community it’s a medium used for creative expression, and is often formed into sculptures and cookware. Within the interior design sphere ceramic tile is frequently used to finish floors, walls, countertops, and backsplashes. Here we’ll be discussing the unique advantages ceramic tile presents as a flooring material. We encourage you to read on, and to consider adding a bit of ceramic tile to your Raleigh home.

Ceramic Tile Benefits

Variety—Ceramic tile is made out of clay that is fired and colored using glaze. Unlike stone tile, this material is manmade and therefore offers a number of color and texture options. Glaze is available in almost any color, making ceramic tile great for those looking to create a highly customized space. Homeowners often use ceramic tile as a means to personalize a space in the form of a uniquely designed backsplash or wall. Nevertheless, depending on the color and texture you choose, the appearance of ceramic tile can be played up or down.

Affordability—Compared to other tile varieties, such as glass and stone, ceramic tile is a much more affordable option. We particularly recommend ceramic tile if you’re looking to create a backsplash that spans the perimeter of an entire kitchen or bathroom.

Ceramic Tile Precautions

Prone to Chips and Cracks—Unfortunately, ceramic tile lacks the strength of stone tile and glass tile and is more likely to chip. Luckily, tiles offer the advantage of easy and affordable repairs. Ceramic tiles can be removed and replaced one-by-one and homeowners don’t have to worry about the cost of repairing an entire floor, wall, or countertop.

Here at Floor Coverings International of Raleigh we’d love to help you select the perfect ceramic tile for your home. We offer a wide selection, which we encourage you to take a look at in our product gallery. Our design experts proudly serve the greater Wake County, Crabtree, Cameron Village, North Hills, Six Forks, Five Points, Boylan Heights areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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