prefinished hardwood flooring in raleigh, ncHardwood flooring is a classic choice that adds value, beauty, and warmth to any Raleigh home’s interior. When choosing the perfect hardwood floor, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed by all the options available to you, the homeowner. Between wood species, stain color, plank width, and all the other aesthetic options to choose from, practicality often gets forgotten. One choice you’ll have when deciding on a wood floor is whether you want unfinished or prefinished wood. Here we’ll look at the facts of prefinished hardwood that will hopefully help you begin your decision process.

What Does “Prefinished” Mean?

Opting for prefinished wood means the hardwood planks will arrive at your home ready to be installed. They will already have been sanded, stained, and had a finish applied in a factory setting. Prefinished wood’s alternative, unfinished wood, is sanded and stained on-site at your home. There are pros and cons to both types, but either one will result in a lovely hardwood floor you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Benefits of Prefinished Wood

The main advantage to choosing prefinished wood for your flooring installation is that it is much more convenient. Since it arrives at your home in its final state, the installation process is simplified and the time it takes to complete is minimized. You don’t have to expose your home to potentially harsh fumes from the wood stain, and you avoid most of the mess from wood dust and scraps. The factory-finished wood planks are also generally more uniform because the finishing process was completed in a controlled environment, which eliminates possible human error. This is ideal for people who prefer their floors to have a very uniform appearance.

Downsides to Prefinished Wood

Although it has many great benefits, prefinished hardwood floors also have their downsides. One disadvantage is the lack of creative freedom you have when choosing a specific look. There are many different aesthetics available in prefinished hardwood varieties, but opting for prefinished wood also means you are limited to the factory finishes. If you are trying to achieve a specific look for your wood floor, unfinished hardwood might be the best way to go. Since the contactor finishes the wood at your home in this case, they can work with you to match existing wood floors or achieve a certain look you want.

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