Luxury Vinyl is a kind of hard flooring, which has a wide variety of style options and it can imitate the look of wood planks, natural stone, and tiles.

A Luxury Vinyl Tile is created from several layers of different materials, such as:

  1. A polyurethane coating
  2. A “wear layer”, which is a protective clear layer
  3. A print film layer
  4. A vinyl core
  5. A tile backing

These tiles are a great option if you are looking for hard surface flooring that is practical as well as aesthetic. It comes with the combined benefits of several types of hard flooring while also being budget-friendly and easy to maintain and install.

Easy to maintain

Majority of hard surface floorings, such as natural wood and stone can be extremely difficult to maintain. The benefit of LVF is that it can replicate the look of any kind of hard surface flooring with fewer maintenance requirements, because of its “wear layer”. Mopping is all that this flooring needs to keep looking new.

Design flexibility

This flooring offers a huge variety of design choices, it can replicate the look of natural stone as well as wood for a lesser price and has almost no requirements for maintenance. Several patterns can be embossed onto the tiles to mimic the natural texture of things, like wood planks or natural stones. This will ensure the flooring looks as realistic as possible.

A common misconception about Luxury Vinyl flooring is that it is not as durable and the design wears down with time. This is incorrect as the design of this flooring is painted on the film layer of the tile, which is then protected by the transparent “wear layer” that not only ensures that the tile is protected from scratches but also prevents the printed design from fading.