hardwood flooring trends of 2016 in Raleigh, NCIn the Wake County, Crabtree, Cameron Village, North Hills, Six Forks, Five Points, Boylan Heights area, hardwood is a favorite flooring among homeowners. There are nearly endless style options available, more so today than ever before. Among other reasons, it’s cherished for its beauty, durability, easy maintenance, warm feel, and longevity. Like anything does, hardwood flooring has trends that come and go. Here we’ll look at those trends that made it in 2016.

From Bamboo to Reclaimed Wood

Although still popular, especially among eco-conscious homeowners, bamboo used to be the hot ticket item in flooring. Bamboo is considered a green and sustainable flooring material largely because of the way in which it is harvested. After harvesting, bamboo shoots re-grow new stalks and can be harvested every three to six years. In 2016, reclaimed hardwood floors surpassed bamboo in popularity. Reclaimed wood is also an environmentally friendly flooring option, just in a different way than bamboo. This style of wood floor is sourced from abandoned structures, such as barns and old farmhouses, and repurposed to create new floors. This reuse of materials prevents living trees from being cut down to be used to produce hardwood floors. Because of the specially sourced material, reclaimed wood also offers a very unique look. It’s especially popular for interiors with vintage or rustic design schemes.

From Warm Reds to Darks and Lights

In 2016, red is dead. Warm cherry and red-toned hardwoods no longer top the list. The current trend is to incorporate either very dark or very light, cool-toned hardwood floors. Popular darker tones, often so dark they almost look black, include Jacobean, ebony, espresso, and dark walnut. Lighter wood tones are also popular, such as grays, white-blondes, and white washes. Gray tones seem to be especially popular in Raleigh home interiors that are considered to be fashion-forward.

Call the Experts

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Photo: © Marko Poplasen